If we take a look at the landscape of the southern region of Plzeň today, the man´s activities are visible at the first sight. The man changed the features of the area where earlier oaks, lime-trees, hornbeams and beeches used to reign. Today we can see large fields, meadows, settlements, scattered bushes and woods. The woods meet mostly the production task, therefore we can see spruces and pines instead of original deciduous trees. In the meadows we can find groups of high sedge which change into thistles in wet meadows. Apart from typical plants like Marsh marigolds and Bulrushes there are places with Irises. Near the pond in Přestavlky cotton grass has been marked. Other plants which live on the nutriment from floods are Meadow foxtail, Buttercup, Lychnis and Comfrey. In semi-dry and semi-arid places we can find Daisy flowers, Harebells, Saxifrage but also Yarrow and other herbs. Plants that are often found along the roads are mainly Blackthorn, Haw, Spindle tree or Dog rose. Their main importance is in providing birds and other animals with shelter. They are also important because they retain water in the landscape and protect the landscape from water and wind erosion. Surroundings of the hilltop Křížový vrch are covered by well-developed woods on slide rocks. The trees there include Lime-trees, Sycamore and Norway maples. We can find here Liverleaf and Dog´s Mercury. A short way under the church is a precious Martagon Lily and a lot of Lilies of the valley. On the southern slope we meet a lot of beautiful star-shapedblossoms of St.Bernard´s lily.

   Rich fauna life has been marked near the hill Křížový vrch. Bluethroat has been found near Mantov, Kingfisher nests along the Dnešický brook. In the agricultural land we will Naturemeet interesting birds Red-backed Shrike, Lapwing, Whinchat, but also Partridges and Quails can be found. In the woods we can meet for example Crossbill, Cuckoo, Black Woodpecker, Spotted Woodpecker or Pygmy Owl, our smallest owl. From other 30 birds that were watched here (migration, roaming) these are to be mentioned: Hoopoe, Night Heron Red-crested Pochard, Kite or Curlew.

   Educational path Nature and people leads from Chotěšov to Černotín over the hill Křížový vrch. The path displays ten boards that cover: history of the region around Křížový vrch, development of the settlement, farming, Convent in Chotěšov, geology, landscape features, four biotopes (brook, coniferous wood, deciduous wood, agricultural landscape).

   Several cycle routes are located in the Radbuza microregion. They are going to be connected with the ones that arise with the time. Currently, route number 3 has been finished. It goes through the Radbuza microregion and follows the track Prague-Plzeň-Regensburg. Next cycle route is Klatovy - Přeštice - Dobřany and Plzeň - Dobřany - Křížový vrch. Other routes to be made are Přeštice - Chotěšov - Stříbro, Miller´s route Merklín - Stod - Honezovice - Kladruby,"round cycle route" - Plzeň - Kdyně - Všeruby.