KapličkaThe municipality is located 378m above the sea level, on the banks of the river Merklínka. The origin of the municipality goes back to the 10th century when the squire Zeměta founded it. The earliest recorded mention comes from 1115. A long and narrow square of the village is bounded by homesteads from the 19th century, which apart from other things are interesting for their valuable facades. Several homesteads have a vaulted gate. Big maples around the square, lime trees in the square and in front of the school make the village a picturesque place. In the square of the village you can find a classicist chapel of St.Lawrence from 1848 and a small propitiatory cross near the bus stop.

The villages has a shop and a pub. Down the village there is a pond and a former mill. Southwest of Zemětice there is Drahovský pond suitable for swimming. Associated to Zemětice is the settlement Chalupy and Čelákovy. You can see a chapel and a timber-framed cottage with a gable in Čelákovy. Near Čelákovy and Líšina twenty prehistoric burial mounds from the Bronze Period were found. Near the settlement Chalupa not far from the road to Čelákovy a memorial cross is placed. From that place there are impressive views of the landscape. Today 262 inhabitants live here.