KapličkaThe earliest recorded mention of the settlement located 4km southwest of Stod comes from
1248, when king Václav I. donated it to the convent in Chotěšov. From the 15th century Střelice was often pawned to secular people. For some time it belonged to Horšovský Týn and after 1621 it was given back to the nuns. Střelice stayed property of the convent till 1781 when emperor Josef II. closed the convent.
Střelice do not register any important historical monuments. Two chapels are of local importance. One is from the first half of the 19th century, the other, blessed to St.Jiří is from 1890. Interesting are also several old houses. Down the square of the village there is a two-spanned stone bridge over the local brook, down the village there is a mill at the Radbuza river.
The bridge became the main character of proposed plans for a shooting symbol and a flag. Characters presentig possession of the settlement by nuns from Chotěšov (abbot crosier and lily taken from Premonstratensian symbol), St.Jiří (sword), millwheel and speaking signs (arrows) top it up.