KapličkaLisov is a small village with a road to Sedmihoří. It is located 4km from Stod. It was first mentioned in 1243. Over the centuries it always belonged to the convent in Chotěšov. After the thirty-year-long war Germanization followed. It ended 1945-46 when German inhabitants were displaced. The village has had its own local authority for 13 years only. Now the village lives an active social life, mainly thanks to the Association of Voluntary Firebrigade and the Czech Red Cross. The village has been by right prized with a blue ribbon in the  competition Village of the year. Major general Jan Roman Irwing, who fought 6 years in the Second World War as a pilot of R.A.F. was born in Lisov. A memorial board was unveiled on his native house. Currently, Lisov is no more a village in the middle of nowhere. Successfully finished projects sustain that – e.g. removal of not allowed waste dumps, restoration of damaged calvaries, planting of trees along roads.