PomníkLíně is located 11km southwest of the Plzeň centre, on the road that connects the city of Plzeň with Domažlice. The earliest recorded mention about hte existence of the village comes from 1115. At that time the whole area was in the property of the convent in Chotěšov. Within the following centuries the church authorities changed for secular authorities in the maintanance of the property. Since the 19th century the life of the village was closely connected with the airport not very far away. Cultural monument on the square of the village is the chapel of St.Václav. Worth mentioning is also a neatly arranged park with the memorial of T.G.Masaryk and the victims of the world wars. Recently, the memorial of army pilots has become a favourite place of interest.Its main part comprises of a restored army aeroplane MIG 19.

Today 2300 inhabitants live in Líně. They use the basic network of shops and services, elementary school and kindergarten, health centre, House of the day care and three sports areas. A complete technical infrastructue has been built. The municipality has good conditions for further economical growth. A part of the municipality is the settlement Sulkov. Its history is closely connected with mining. Black coal was mined in Sulkov from the 1960s. The mining cart placed in the lawn next to the restaurant Sparta reminds us of these times.