The town Holýšov is the gateway to Domažlice region. It is located at the foot of the hills  Trný and Makový on the banks of the river Radbuza, at the height of 377m above the sea level, near the main road from Plze to Domažlice, which continues to border crossings to Bavaria. A railway in the direction Prague-Plzeň-Domažlice-Furth im Wald crosses the own.The main road of the town I/26 joins within 18km the motorway D1 Rozvadov-Prague. The land around Holýšov was according to archeological excavations of ancient burials settled in the Middle Bronze Age. Sporadic findings even come from the Neolithic Age Late Stone Age. The village marked as Holissouo can be first met in the document issued by the Pope Gregory Xth in 1273. Holýšov belonged to Chotov Convent and it is presumed, that it had been part of this property since it was established by a rich man Hroznata in the first decade of the 13th century. The surrounding nature is filled with large woods. One of natural sights here is the area of castle rocks near the Radbuza river. A number of marked tourist routes offer the possibility for pleasant walks or meeting nearer and further neighbourhood. A part of the municipality is created by a small village Dolní Kamenice with neighbouring Výtuň woods and a pond.Church

   In 1960 Holýšov gained the status of a town and its town symbol. In 1993 the town symbol has been changed to its current appearance. In the upper part there are black antlers in a golden background, a symbol that stays for Hroznata, the founder of Chotěšov Convent. In the lower part there is a silver sword crossed by a silver key in a blue background, which stands for the symbol of Petr and Pavel, who are the patrons of the church in Holýšov.

   The town has 4700 inhabitants currently. The citizens have the possibility to live a rich sport life. There is a sports hall, sauna, tennis courts, gyms, a football pitch, multifunctional play-ground and winter stadium, which make it possible for all age cathegories of the town to use the free time sensibly. There are several restaurants, accomodation facilities, a number of shops, Penny Market, and other services. Health care is carried out in the Health centre where surgeries of all practical and special doctors are concentrated, including physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. We ensure the right care about our elderly citizens in a brand new House of day care.

   In 1994 local plan was prepared, which has determined future of the town until 2010. Thetown has built up full infrastructure, which has been gradually enlarged. In the place called Nad Výhledy building of new family houses is in process. Between 2004 and 2006 155 flats were built in the housing estate Na Stráni. They were meant for citizens and new workers of the newly established Industry zones I. and II.

   Current industry companies include SVA Holýov. Now these companies run businesses inthe newly established Industry zone I.: EvoBus Bohemia production of carriage bodies and components for buses Mercedes and Setra, Wuppermann Kovotechnika - metal production, Tregamont - electroproduction, Auto Volf (koda, Citroen), Kabelovna Kabex Inc.- production of cables, Behr thermot-tronik czech.

   Industry zone II. was established in the area of former barracks in 2005, where today these companies are located: INOVA REA, ICOM Transport, Betonárka Karel Lorenc, Palivo a uhlí . Čermák, Autodoprava Argman, OTEX-KOVO, SHK CZ, s.r.o. and others.