The municipality is located 6 km northwest of Přeštice at the foothill of Hůrka hill 426 m above the sea level. It was first mentioned in the connection with the Prince Vladislav when
in 1115 he donated it to the Monastery in Kladruby. In the village there is the Church of Saint Václav, which was mentioned in 1352 already, and which was plundered during the Square of the villageHussite Wars and which gained its current appearance gained first after numerous modifications (e.g. new tower in 1811 and a vast reconstruction in 2001-2003). On the right from the way to Přetice an alcoved chapel is located with the statue of St.Vojtěch. It dates back to the 19th century. A famous native of Dnešice is the journalist, translator and correspondent of foreign magazines Josef Pachmayer and the pedagogical writer Tomáš Vorbes, whose "Pictures from the History of Pedagogics" were for a long time a favourite study book. During the life of the priest imon František Alexia Janota parish register was founded. On the edge of the village the pond "Drowned" is located. Behind the village in the direction to Černotín Halter Valley, the western town is located. The village provides refreshment and shopping facilities.

   In the village Černotín, which is only 3km northwest of Dnešice, a six-sided chapel is located and several original rural houses are in its surroundings. The chapel is the starting point for a close pilgrimage place Křížový vrch. On the edge of the village in the picturesque surroundings the fire reservoir is located. The current number of inhabitants is 780 (together with the ones from the associated village Černotín).