Bělá nad Radbuzou


  The town of Bělá nad Radbuzou is located near the German border, at the foothills of the mountains Český les, at the confluence of the rivers Radbuza and Bezděkovský potok. It was first mentioned in Kosmas´s chronicle and referes to 1121. The village Bělá was the centre of the Chods from Přimda. In 1600 the House of Lamingen from Albenreuth gained Bělá. It was later joined to the domain Újezd Svatého Kříže. Last owners were the House of Kocové from Dobrš.Bridge over the river Radbuza

   The most famous sight of Bělá nad Radbuzou is the stone bridge over the Radbuza river. It was built in 1703-1723 according to the Charles Bridge. It is decorated with six baroque sculptures of saints. The most dominant monument in the square is the Church of Virgin Mary (Kostel Panny Marie Sedmibolestné), built in 1696-1697 and rebuilt into current appearance in 1827.

   The most important sight near Bělá is the Church of Finding the Holy Cross in Újezd Svatého Kříže. First records about it refer to the year 1352. Originally a gothic building was
rebuilt into baroque style in the second half of the 17th century.

   Historical monuments meet the new houses. As for the houses of residence the most important is the reconstruction of former barracks into flats and enlarging the House of the day care of 10 bungalows. As for the citizens´equipment the main project has been "Clean Radbuza", where more and more houses are connected to the sewerage plant. Reconstruction of the square and the housing estate "Na výsluní" follows. Also, multifunctional playground with fake turf next to the school has been built and is aimed mainly at the young. Furthermore, the First Aid station has been opened here.

   Recently, tourists have begun to discover the beauties of Bělá and its surroundings. Once forgotten border area in the middle of nowhere is now full of cycle routes that go through woods and unspoiled nature.