The area of the Radbuza microregion hides a lot of important buildings that were built or
reconstructed in the Baroque times (Convent in Chotěšov, Church in Dobřany etc.). Mostly, the character of the settlements is formed by the folk architecture - large farmsteads as well as tiny cottages together with enormous trees and ponds in village squares created a harmonic unit, until the modern times interferred insensitively.
   Apart from large and quite well-known buildings a lot of small sights is scattered around the region chapels, columns of the crucification, shrines, etc. These endow the landscape with life and bring valuable evidence about our ancestors. They deserve at least the same attention as castles and chateaus.
   One of the sad examples of insufficient cultural heritage care is the faith of the church in Vrabina. The Church of the Holy Cross was built by the support of the ChotěšoKřížový vrchv Convent in 1747 1756. Since then Vrabina has been also called Křížový Vrch. However, the church was destroyed at the beginning of the 19th century. It was built again in 1859 1862 and along with it an inn was built. Vrabina became again the destination for processions from faraway towns and villages. In 1931 a viewtower was built next to the church. From the second half of the 60s of the 20th century Czechoslowakian people´s army  (Československá lidová armáda) settled in Vrabina, similar as in other sights. The army left the places first in 1995 in a not very good state. Nearly three decades of army occupation did not mark the sight as much as several years when nobody maintained the church, the inn and the other buildings. In 2003 the whole place was in critical condition and most of the houses were waiting for demolition. The Radbuza microregion struggled for several years before it signed the Contract of transfer and became owner of the property in 2004. The Radbuza microregion with common power of member municipalities repaired the viewtower, which was reopened 18th September 2004. In 2005 the second phase of the reconstruction followed. The main entrance to the church was reconstruSummer Feastcted and two rooms above the entrance including a new roof were built. Křížový vrch now belongs to the town Stod, which hired it to the Radbuza microregion in a long term. The viewtower is open to tourists from April to the end of October at the weekends and on public holidays.
   Annual events take place here, such as the Witches Meeting in Křížový Vrch (30th of April) or the Summer Feast (5th of July).